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Who to Call

What to Say

Here are some talking points you should go over:
  • The National Security Council should be focused on keeping Americans safe, but by inviting Steve Bannon into the room, Trump has made it clear that he sees our national security as something he can manipulate for his own political gain. That should scare us all.
  • Meanwhile, Trump is freezing out national security professionals who need to be kept up-to-date on intelligence, like the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Trump clearly has no idea how to effectively run a national security program, and by hamstringing our military and intelligence leaders, he's putting Americans at risk.
  • There has been bipartisan backlash to Bannon’s seat in the situation room, and there is already a bill in the House to protect the National Security Council. Members of Congress who value our national security should put their support behind H.R. 804 and any similar bills proposed in the Senate.

Some Tips

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself, ask for the name of the person who handles foreign relations, and share where you're from so your member of Congress’ staff know that you're a constituent. (“Hi, this is Joe calling from Wilmington, Delaware. Can I speak to the person in your office who handles national security?)

Say why you’re calling & what you want to happen

State the reason you are calling and the specific action you want your member of Congress to take — you think Steve Bannon's politicization of the National Security Council is frightening and you want your representative to support H.R.804, which would protect it from political influences.


Share how the call went on Facebook and Twitter and encourage your friends to reach out to their member of Congress.
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