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Who to Call

What to Say

Here are some talking points you should go over:
  • Dreamers pay taxes for their right to live in the United States. They are bright young people who contribute to this economy and this country. Nearly 90% of Americans support protections for Dreamers, and we should be upholding those protections.
  • Threatening to deport Dreamers won’t just hurt them — it will hurt their families and communities. Dreamers came here as children, but many are now adults with their own families. In fact, about 1/4 of Dreamers have children of their own who were born American citizens. We shouldn’t tear those families apart.
  • It’s time for Republicans to stop playing political games, pass the Dream Act, and give Dreamers the opportunity to continue making invaluable contributions to America. It’s the smart thing to do for our economy, and it’s the right thing to do for our country. I urge you to support and vote to pass the Dream Act.

Some Tips

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself, ask for the name of the person who handles immigration policy, and share where you're from so your senator’s staff know that you're a constituent. (“Hi, this is Corina calling from Phoenix, Arizona. Can I speak to the person in your office who handles immigration?”)

Say why you’re calling & what you want to happen

State the reason you are calling and the specific action you want your representative to take — it’s time for elected officials to pass a permanent legislation to protect Dreamers so they can continue living in and contributing to America.


After your call, share how the call went on Facebook and Twitter and encourage your friends to reach out to their elected officials.
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