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Who to Call

What to Say

Here are some talking points you should go over:
  • As many as an estimated 15,000 transgender Americans serve in our armed forces and keep all of us -- including Donald Trump and Mike Pence -- safe. We should allow all those who want to serve our country to do so, no matter their gender identity.
  • Trump is basing his ban on the lie that transgender service members’ health care is too costly to the military, but a Defense Department study has shown the medical costs are minimal. This is an effort to discriminate, not an effort to save money.
  • Transgender individuals have been allowed to serve in the military openly since 2016 when the Obama administration lifted the ban. A non-discrimination provision should be added to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to protect transgender Americans’ right to serve openly.

Some Tips

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself, ask for the name of the person who handles defense policy, and share where you're from so your senator’s staff know that you're a constituent. (“Hi, this is Mary calling from Lincoln, Nebraska. Can I speak to the person in your office who handles defense policy?”)

Say why you’re calling & what you want to happen

State the reason you are calling and the specific action you want your senator to take — support for the bipartisan Senate bill to allow transgender troops to continue serving in the military.


After your call, share how the call went on Facebook and Twitter and encourage your friends to reach out to their senator.
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