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Who to Call

What to Say

Here are some talking points you should go over:
  • For Americans to have confidence in Trump’s leadership, he needs to come clean about all of his past Russian ties and stand up for America in the face of Russian aggression right away. If Trump will not come clean, Republicans must put country before party and launch an independent investigation by a select committee that will hold open hearings. The American people deserve the truth about what happened in their election.
  • There is overwhelming evidence of a relationship between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence. The entire U.S. intelligence community agrees that the Russian government attacked our democracy to help Donald Trump get elected. Michael Flynn is the third Trump advisor to come under fire after their relationship with Russia was exposed. Trump’s team was having high level discussions with Russia while Russia was assaulting our democracy to Trump’s benefit. And Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and White House officials like Sean Spicer have all lied about the Trump campaign being in contact with the Russians.
  • Flynn may have resigned, but serious questions remain about his relationship with the Russian government before and after the election. We don’t know which Trump staffer authorized Flynn’s potentially illegal action -- worse, we don’t know how long Flynn was communicating with the Russians, or what he said. Flynn had multiple conversations with the Russian ambassador both before and after the election, and possibly undermined President Obama’s sanctions on Russia.

Some Tips

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself, ask for the name of the person who handles foreign relations, and share where you're from so your member of Congress’ staff know that you're a constituent. (“Hi, this is Joe calling from Wilmington, Delaware. Can I speak to the person in your office who handles national security?)

Say why you’re calling & what you want to happen

State the reason you are calling and the specific action you want your member of Congress to take — you want your representative to support an investigation into Trump’s connections to Vladimir Putin and Russia.


Share how the call went on Facebook and Twitter and encourage your friends to reach out to their member of Congress.
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